About us

2D-CrystaLab is an innovative nano-biomaterials company that revolutionizes the way implant infections are treated and prevented. Through a product line comprising of dental implant cleaning gels and bone healing gels, our company will drastically reduce the rate of implant infections as well as provide a safe and reliable way to treat these ailments. 


2D-CrystaLab Team

Our team is composed of experts in Dentistry and Engineering who work with esteemed mentors and clinicians, as well as others with significant experience in business development and marketing.

Ashwaq Al-Hashedi, CEO
Prosthodontist and Restorative Dentist, PhD
5 years experience in management of implant infections
Overall Operations
Faleh Tamimi, CSO
Dental Implant Research Director at McGill
Canada Research Chair -Translational Research
Scientific leader
  Kais Al Iriani, COO
  Industrial Engineering
  MBA, Banking & Financial Sciences
 Operations & Product development
 Tayebeh Basiri, CCO
 Master in Microbiology
  Compliance/ R&D assistant


David Hauptman
Business Development
Cosmetics and Toothpaste
Dr. Sam Abi-Nader
Associate Professor, McGill University
Prosthodontist and Restorative Dentist
Dr. Mark Driscoll
Professor, McGill University
Specialist in Bringing Medical Products to Market
Dr. Jocelyne Feine
Professor, McGill University
Leader in Dental Implants